TEDxKalamata is a non-profit initiative of 32 young people, aspiring to create a core of actions that will incorporate terms such us innovation, initiative, collegiality and extroversion in the city of Kalamata.

TEDxKalamata proposes to the city a global, optimistic and dynamic way of thinking. It believes in the city’s momentum that builds upon its competitive advantages and envisions decentralization in Greece.
TEDxKalamata team envisions a city that creates sustainable development and exemplifies a new model for the greater Mediterranean area.


I was lucky to be there among all those amazing speakers, to be inspired by lot of visions, dreams and the will to change everything. I met Christine Stribacu, co-founder of Lia Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Georgia Mavroidi jewellery designer, and Ioulia Marini, founder of the ''Pureshop'' and listen to amazing speeches to Ancient Messini.


Ancient Messini is one of the most important cities of ancient Greece in terms of size, format & maintenance. It has not been covered from modern settlements and is located in an extraordinary Mediterranean landscape. Theatre of Ancient Messini is dated from 3rd century BC and its construction presages colossal theaters of ancient Roman period. Given its size, the theatre was also used as a point of political mass concentrations.


We thank Buca Beach Resort for the hospitality and Aelia by Fotini Kostouli for the wonderful jewellery piece.

The ''Fist Step'', is the most important of all. Let's start walking.....