You know it when your body needs desparately some days to relax. It's obvious that your own soul limits send you messages for a ''break''. In Greece, Easter is well connected to spring and the beginning of the summer days that will soon arrive. So... ''burn out'' is the perfect alibi for any escape from the ordinary life and routine.

My own ''break'' had to do once again with my beloved city. Nafplio. I have to admit that even if i am in love with Athens, i couldn't wait to spend some days far away from the city. I kept my new camera in my hands like a treasure, and tried to catch this Easter feeling. The nature, the religious spirit, the holiness of the days. And for me those days are the perfect to try new products, to play with my dog, to read books and magazines, to stay in the amazing house of Kostas and Stella, to see friends ,and taste traditional food like the famous ''red eggs''.

In our life, a few things really matter. Friends, good food, good music, books and travelling. Simple pleasures. Nothing complicated.