1.What a girl like you is doing to Greece anyway? Tell us more about you.

-My Greek story starts many years ago, when in 1993 I came for the first time to visit a part of my family, living in Athens. From that time and after then every summer I was here in Athens, enjoying amazing nature, sea and people. I have studied journalism in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and got an MBA here in Athens. My dream was to mix journalism with business in order to create something new and special. That’s how I start blogging and I’m happy of my decision. 


2. ''Trends Control''. How did you come up with that concept?

-Some tendencies in different fields (travel, fashion, food, hobbies) could merge totally different people! That was the investigation I made, while “surfing” Internet all day long. I think that Twitter hashtags helped me to find out the concept of my blog: items, details or objects loved by people all over the world. Then, for one year I was searching for the proper name. As my audience is people from different countries, I decided to introduce my opinion (for me blogging is always about personal!) at three languages: Russian, English and Greek.”Trends Control” could be easily pronounced and translated to all of these languages. The second reason I start blogging is a great passion to everything Greek around me: designers, restaurants, traditions. As I knew from my personal experience there is a lack of Russian-language information about the modern life of Greece. “Furs and Sandals” – a stereotype about Greek fashion. Today I’m proud that people in Kazakhstan are shopping and wearing Greek designers, they saw at my blog! 


3.Greece or Kazakhstan? (i know we cant compare them, but really now... in your heart, what country captures you the most?)

-There is no reason to compare these two, or some other countries! I love Greek hospitality, sea, souvlaki and the way Greek people enjoy their life. Picturesque mountains, ethnic Asian culture and national traditions made my heart beats faster, when I hear the name of my motherland, Kazakhstan. Globalization gives us a great opportunity to travel and to learn more about people and countries all over the world. So tell me why we should deny this chance? 


4.Your favorite Greek destination-restaurant-hotel?

-You could explore Greece for the whole life and you’ll never get enough of this country! Every year I try to visit at least two-three new places at Greece. My favorite ones are Spetses & Orloff restaurant and Sounio & Grecotel. Here in Athens I’m living at Kalamaki district, near the sea. I’m a girl from the “country with mountings”, so enjoying the blessings of Greek weather and sea for the whole year is a reason to stay!


5.The things you really hate in this country, let's be honest now. If there was some things you would like to change...?

-I hate… really hate these crazy working hours! I’m coming from the country where supermarkets, pharmacies and mini markets are working 24/7. When I have the time to do my shopping, Sunday evening or Saturday, all shops are closed. That is why I turned to e-shopping. 


6.Do you think Greece is hostile to immigrants? Are we racists after all?

-Immigrants were coming here like waves of  tsunami, so the negative reaction of Greek people should be considered as normal. I saw some rude people on my “Greek way”, but previously they had a negative experience with emigrants. For sure most of the people I meet here are cool and polite with foreigners. The borders were opened with the help of Facebook and Instagram. For example at the year 2000-2004 nobody knew about Kazakhstan (the 9th biggest country in the world).Today my Greek friends are following some Kazakh celebrities (singers and actors) via Social Media! 


7.''Financial crisis''. Are you optimist, do you see the light in the end of the tunnel?

-I truly believe in these people and in this country! Greek sea, Greek sun and Greek hospitality are not in crises. People all over the world are coming here to spend the best moments of their life, enjoying the things we have every day. So, there are no negative scenarios, but only positive… and a long way ahead to apply it! 


8.Your next goals will be.......?

-For five years in Kazakhstan I was working like a TV-journalist and TV-hostess and still it is my best work experience and my passion, I can say! That’s my next goal: I would like to “taste” the Greek TV! If you never tried this adrenaline of “live on air” performance, you never lived. 


Wearing Matis dress, Sismade necklace and bracelet and Lee Hutton Make Up (all Greek products). 

We thank Restaurant Razguliay Athens for the hospitality and the amazing russian dishes.