Welcome to KinderDocs – a documentary festival of award-winning films made for children and teenagers, as well as their friends and teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Join us in discovering the magic of documentaries, to explore new ways of communication, inspired by stories we all care about, and have fun. Each film, a story on teenage life, friendship, family, relationships, education, creativity, art, music, dance, psychology, migration, environment. Each film, an opportunity for constructive dialogue and after-screening events, building tomorrow’s thinking viewers today. KinderDocs premieres in October 2017, in collaboration with the Benaki Museum (Athens) and the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki), supported by the biggest documentary festivals in Europe – idfa (The Netherlands) and doxs! (Germany).


KinderDocs documentaries are an educational tool and a source of inspiration for modern educators looking for new ideas for their lesson plans (i.e. Thematic Week). In specially designed screenings for schools, the programme is supplemented by discussions and activities inspired by the films, each event featuring selected guests. The films are suitable for Elementary school pupils aged 8+ up to Lykeion students and can be integrated into classwork or give rise to creative discussion as a means to achieve better bonding in class. Each film is targeted to a specific age-group and comes with a list of the topics covered. Screenings are accompanied by extra educational material to prepare pupils before the screening, as well as to provide guidance in the classroom during the follow-up exploration of the KinderDocs experience. Information for teachers: • School screenings start at 10.00 on Wednesdays (Athens) and Fridays (Thessaloniki). • Programme duration: 90-120’ (including post-screening activities). • To book your school or for enquiries, please contact info@kinderdocs.com, or the museum’s education department: Benaki Museum T: 210 3671067-9 (Monday–Thursday 10.00–14.00) Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art T: 2310240002 (Thursday–Saturday 9.00-17.00, Sunday 11.00-15.00) • All KinderDocs are screened in the original language(s) with Greek subtitles. • Admission: 3 Euros / pupil.