1.''Odeia''. We have to admit that first of all, we adored the brand name! Means-correct me if i am wrong- journey in the ancient Greek language. So, this brand is a journey to you? To which direction?

That is correct, odeia is the ancient Greek word for journey/course. We chose that name because we wanted to take people on a unique journey to the wonderful world of the Mediterranean. Thanks to our raw materials, all collected from the Mediterranean region, using ODEIA is like travelling through the various herbs, wildflowers, plants and fruits. So, you can join us and discover secrets of beauty and wellness created by the sun and sea. Let us take you on this wonderful journey and let yourself in the care of ODEIA natural cosmetics.

2. What were your first thoughts when you were creating the brand?

The world around us is full of chemicals that can be very harmful for our health. One basic idea behind the creation of ODEIA brand was the creation of a cosmetic line that would promote not only the beauty, but our precious health as well. We started with a vision to give women around the world a chance to try out natural, efficient and safe cosmetics. Products that enhance their natural beauty while safeguard their health. Τhe creation of a safer, cleaner world without synthetic, toxic substances, securing the survival of the generations to come.

3. What different has Odeia to offer in the market?

First and foremost, all of our products are certified as natural/organic by NATRUE, an organization that consumers around the world trust as a measure of quality and transparency. In the market they ‘re so many products claiming to be natural, still, most are too are far from that. Consumers can be sure that ODEIA products are really natural/organic, since NATRUE certifies that!

In addition, all of ODEIA cosmetics have been produced by using hydrosols as a base, which come from the distillation of the aqueous phase of organic lemon or orange juice, instead of plain water. This innovation gives ODEIA products amazing cosmetic and relaxing properties, as these hydrosols have exceptional purity and high concentration in the drastic ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins.

4.What are the products women love more? I mean, if as a consumer, i had to

buy only one skincare cosmetic, what would you suggest me?

Really, only one? I think that, in this case, you should choose our Intense Protection Serum! It’s an excellent product for your face, as it contains broad spectrum hyaluronic, which has been proven:

  • to quickly soften and moisturize the skin, making it more radiant and elastic

  • to quickly tighten facial contours, making the skin look fresh and more youthful

Besides that, this Serum has a unique innovation – you apply it over your face cream! This way it creates a shield around the skin, protecting it from damage and environmental assaults, while at the same time it enhances and improves facial appearance, lifting your skin and making it look younger.

5.Did crisis changed the way people treat themselves? Do they buy less and

less cosmetics, or they are now more careful, and they seek for ''value for
money'' products?

Nowadays more and more people are well informed about the negatives effects of conventional cosmetics on their health. As a result they seek for skincare products which promote beauty and also health. On the other hand, the purchasing power of customers in our country has decreased, so they have to be more selective. So, it’s an one-way road to produce and sell products which have a good value for money.

There are ODEIA products that are specially designed having on mind what has been mentioned above. So, there are multiple action products (3-1, 2-1) for women who don’t want to buy different products and they also have not the time to care their self as they should normally.

6.''ECO cosmetics''. Tell us more about the ingredients that you use, we
saw many ''fruits'' on the labels, right?

Yes, that’s right! Our ingredients are fruits, herbs, wildflowers from the Mediterranean region. ODEIA products are divided into five different lines, each one of which is named after the color of their basic ingredients. There is the Red Line with Wild Strawberry and Raspberry, the Green Line with Aloe and Nettle, the Purple Line with Grapes and Plum, the Yellow Line with Witch-hazel and Lemon and the last one, the Orange Line with Bergamot and Apricot. All of the ingredients come from accredited suppliers and certified biological crops, in order to achieve the best efficiency, but also to contribute to and promote your good health!

7.What are the feedback so far from the  market?

We are in the market for a year now, and I have to say that people have embraced our effort. The brand has gained some recognition, especially in central Greece, but of course there are still many things to be done. The good news is that those who try ODEIA products are satisfied and become an engaged audience.

Allow me to say a few things here about our first exhibition abroad. ODEIA took part as an exhibitor in Professional Beauty 2015 in London, on February 22-23. It was a really big event, with people from all over the world. Distributors, retailers, therapists, but also retail customers, have attended ODEIA stand and were really impressed by the quality and simplicity of our products. This is a very good sample from the market abroad, and soon we ‘ll have further news about this.

8. You are starting a new ''journey'' abroad. Is it the best solution for
Greek producers if they need to expand their business activities?

Yes, of course. Things are quite simple here – the purchasing power of the Greek people has decreased dramatically over the past few years. Companies have lost a significant part of their buyers. They cannot just wait for them to come back – how? The only way that can help them right now is to extend their range abroad, where Greek products have a good reputation, not without a reason of course, and buyers are more “trained” to give some priority to the good quality. No matter what we have to be careful at this point, as a good reputation is very hard to be established, and on the other hand it can easily be harmed doing the wrong thing!

9. Your next goals?

Well, we have already initiated discussions with some distributors abroad in order to establish our presence in some European markets. Here in Greece, we intend to consolidate our brand in the major cities of Athens and Thessaloniki by some carefully targeted moves. Moreover, we are in the middle of a development process of some new products, in order to enrich our product lines and provide our potential customers with even more choices.