You can speak out loud.

You have no reason to be afraid.

Its all about acception. Love. Understanding. Tolerance.

Its all about being ''Human''.

Its about ''Equality''.

We should learn our children to be less concerned about what society thinks.

We should learn them to feel ''Free''. 

We don't also have to be straight, gay, trans, bisexual, fat, tall, short, black, white, to fight for ''human rights''.

Don't let anyone judge you, no matter what.

A T-Shirt with a strong meaning from Liana Camba, fashion designer and Angelo Tziara, artist.

Support the project.

Feel free to share.

Stand up.


''Humanity can only be saved by positivity. This has always been my Motto, throughout my life as well as my career.

Along our path in life we come across positive people we can stroll alongside with. This was in fact the way I connected with Liana Camba and we immediately confirmed our devotion to positivity. This print is a sample of our agreement. Its title is:


To love, co-exist, allow and enjoy your own diversity and the one of the others around you. All the above in a world full of diversity with a single possibility of co-existing is by accepting and loving each other.''

Angelo Tziara