The region of Attica, the Enterprise Greece and 15 private Greek companies, supported by 100% Hotel Show (Greece’s most advanced hospitality fair), take part in 'The Hotel Show Dubai', the most important hotel fair in the Middle East.

The Region of Attica, one of the most extrovert regions of Greece, collaborates with Enterprise Greece and, with the support of 100% Hotel Show, travels to Dubai. The team will take part in the most important fair for hotels in the Middle East, 'The Hotel Show Dubai', presenting two complete Hotel Case Studies.

Focusing on Greece’s high and acknowledged expertise in tourism and hospitality, as well as the country’s excel in contemporary Hotel Design, the team will build and present two original Hotel Case Studies. Through these proposals, the visitors will have the chance to meet the work of young and passionate Greek designers, as well as products, materials and services that are produced in Greece.

What can visitors find at Greek Case Studies of The Hotel Show Dubai?

In collaboration with the renowned office of Mastrominas Architecture and the popular designer, Sotiris Lazou, the case studies will feature two hotel room mock-ups: one in a beach resort and one in an urban hotel.

These two rooms will offer profound inspiration and give complete solutions to the hoteliers and investors visiting The Hotel Show Dubai. In addition, the visitors will have the chance of meeting in person the people behind all the materials, products and items used, and explore new collaboration possibilities with them.

Through their participation, the parties involved aim to showcase to the world the high level of Greece’s entrepreneurship around tourism and hotel businesses. The Greek design, products, materials, services, and, above all, the Greek knowledge in hotel specification, construction and operation, are Greece’s most valuable exported 'product' — and this is exactly what The Hotel Show Dubai visitors are invited to meet in September 16-18.