Look around you. The world is changing rapidly. Specially in the ''business field''. The end of the ''Alphas'' kind of leaders, brought new needs in our careers. ''Alpha'', mainly men, used to work ruthless, having the ''Kill eye-look'' in every word. But this is so...last year attitude.. The new rules need to Connect. To Collaborate. To Influence. And that is the reason why women can build their own successful brands and make them global.

But how do you make it to the top as a woman?

First of all, a woman that wants to be a man is a waste of a woman. The biggest obstacle for that, is your sex, yeah...you guess right. You have to be ambitious, but deeply in your mind, you hear all those voices saying ''Don't you thing you are a ballbreaker lady..?''

And those are the barriers you have to break down. Never forget that no one can make you feel useless without your permission'', even if we ladies, are so quick to believe the worst about ourselves. So, let's see what you have to do.

You have to size up your idea.

Develop and manage a product.

Make a marketing plan.

Build a brand.

Understand marketing channels.

Master finance of your businnes.

Hire smart people and let them do their job!

Put yourself forward and write down your achievements, never be so humble about them!

You have to find the right partner if you want to have the same opportunities as men..

Be a good example  for the people that work with you.

Most of all....bust all those stereotypes, and play with your own rules.

A woman can do that. Believe all those amazing women!