The Museum of Photography is the only state-run museum in Greece under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs specialized in the photography medium.
It operates as a museum but also as a center and festival organizer.

Through its actions it reveals a view point to the public on: a) art, since the aesthetics of the medium are not different from that of the fine arts, b) technology, through the use of digital applications, c) human sciences, as photography discovers the world and its social dimension. Its goal is to approach the different uses and applications of photography (document, trace, artwork, photojournalism, industrial photography, advertising, etc.).

It was founded in 1998 and since 2001 is located at the Port of Thessaloniki (Warehouse A, 1st Dock). Since 2006, based on a new strategy and in the framework of its mission, the museum is operating around the axes of memory, rencontre and discovery, by targeting on actions of local, national and international level, through the following activities: planning and executing series of exhibitions based on thematic cycles, compiling archives and collections, publishing catalogues and informational material, organizing educational programs and the Photo Biennale (international photography festival). At the same time, it encourages dialogue and meetings through “portfolio reviews”, the establishment of awards, the organization of open discussions (series “Words and Images”) and thematic meetings, but also the realization of parallel events in collaboration with other institutions.