El.Marneri galerie is an artistic platform created by its inspiring owner Eleni Marneri who has been searching all her life for new ideas that bring art to everyday life. Twenty years ago she opened the first jewellery gallery in Greece supporting a way of life that continues today with the same uncontained passion for art.

  El.marneri galerie features contemporary jewelry, artistic creations and objects that suggest inspiration, innovation and liberation.

By hosting group, individual and themed exhibitions, it functions as an incentive as well as a stage for Greek and international artists to create and present their unique or limited edition work.  It showcases contemporary jewelry pieces bound with precious gems and rare-cut stones in gold, platinum and silver, as well as materials like fabrics, paper, clay and wood in unique designs that seem to bridge art and daily life. The gallery at the same time hosts a series of art exhibitions – objects, sculpture, painting, video-art and other installations.

   A new section of the gallery, the el.marneri galerie baby&child collection suggests artworks and items designed by artists for children and toddlers, inspired of a desire to bring children in contact with art from their early, impressionable age.
    Furthermore, the gallery features the historical products of Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella of Florence. One of the oldest pharmacies in the world, which, since 1221, has been creating unique personal care products, using old traditional methods, out of pure, natural ingredients from Tuscany.


  El. Marneri Galerie is also offered for various business and social events, product launches, small seminars, workshops, book launches & reading and other events such as cocktails and special occasions. The gallery is involved with an experienced team of associates who can provide exceptional services for all your events. For more information, please contact the gallery staff (+30.210.8619488)


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