2002 – 2007 ASFA Athens School of Fine Arts // Athens, Greece

2006 VSUP Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design // Prague, Czech Republic


Solo Exhibitions

2013 Figures Le Basse Projects // Los Angeles, US

2012 It felt like a kiss  Gallery Nosco // London, UK

2011 I’ve got you a date with Botticelli’s niece A.Antonopoulou.Art // Athens, Greece

2010 Is everybody happy? Le Basse Projects // Los Angeles, US

2009 Hey ho, here we go, ever so high A.Antonopoulou.Art // Athens, Greece


Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 No Country for Young Men - Bozar Centre of Fine Arts // Brussels, Belgium

ARENA Center of Contemporary Art -Torun/Poland

2013 Young Blood Opera Gallery // New York, US

2012 Athens Video Art Festival // Athens, Greece

The Newspaper Show The Breeder Gallery // Athens, Greece

2011 International Mural Exhibition OCT LOFT // Shenzhen, China

 Street aka Museum Portsmouth Museum of Art // Portsmouth NH, US

2010 Stroke.03 // Berlin, Germany

 L’ Art Urbain Addict Gallery // Paris, France

NUART Festival // Stavanger, Norway

International Mural Exhibition Dafen Village // Shenzhen, China

Showcase Series SuperFrog Gallery // San Fransisco, US

2009 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Gallery Nosco // London, UK

2008 Aqua Art Fair // Miami, US

Artmosh Gallery Nosco // London, UK

Burning Bridges Gallery Nosco // London, UK

2007 Design Walk Oxy // Athens, Greece

2006 Art in the Frontpage Benaki’s museum // Athens, Greece

What Remains is Future Arsakeion // Patras, Greece

2004 Athens by Art Urban exhibition // Athens, Greece

2001 Neverending Story Goethe Institute // Athens, Greece

1999 Minus-Plus Hellenic-American Union // Athens, Greece


Selected Publications

2013 The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti -

Rafael Schacter,John Fekner

2012 TASCHEN Trespass:

A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art, Street Art Calendars

GRAPHITE #2 Wooster Collective

2011 GESTALTEN Erratic: Visual Impact in Current Design

GESTALTEN Walls and Frames: Fine Art from the Streets

2010 PUBLIKAT Mural Art Volume 3: Murals on huge public surfaces around the world

2009 PUBLIKAT Mural Art Volume 2: Murals on huge public surfaces around the world

2008 PUBLIKAT Mural Art Volume 1: Murals on huge public surfaces around the world


Artist Residencies

2012 Quarter Project // Warsaw, Poland

2011 Asalto #6 // Zaragoza, Spain

LAC Inter Old Prison, International Art Residency // Lagos, Portugal

2010 NUART // Stavanger, Norway