Viktoria Lytra was born in Larissa, Greece. She studied architecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. During her studies she obtained an Erasmus scholarship and studied for one semester in University of Technology Berlin (Germany), while she spent almost one month in China participating in ‘Green city development mechanisms’ workshop. Afterwards, she continued her studies, obtaining an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design from Architectural Association (Graduate School of Architecture) in London. In 2010 she established her own architectural office in Larissa, Greece, undertaking projects such as new residences and renovations focusing on sustainable living. Her realized projects have been shortlisted and awarded in international competitions.  During her professional career, her passion for research driven her to teach at university level at Technological Educational Institute of Larissa and pursue her PhD focusing on ‘Natural Lighting in Museums and Art Spaces’ in National Technical University of Athens. She has presentations and publications in international magazines, conferences and organizations such as ArchDaily, Plea, Palenc, Arenep, Ecoweek and Technical Chamber of Greece. Since December 2015, she is collaborating with RAW-NYC Architects in various projects and architectural competitions. Furthermore, she is a contributor writer in and while being a supporter of lifelong learning and having various interests, she has been joining in workshops and seminars of different subjects.

FormFollowsFashion project has its roots in the relation of Architecture and Fashion and their interaction. Its conception as a research project in the university - where techniques, applications, functions and tectonic strategies that both sectors use were studied and analyzed - was the trigger for the creation of the blog.