Myrsini Maneta was born in Patras in 1984. She lives and works in Athens. She graduated from the School of Architecture N.T.U.A. in 2009 and is currently studying at the Departement of Graphic Design of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.
Since 2008 she is engaged in interior design and decoration, jewellery and object design, book illustration and teaches architectural drawing.
Birds & Lofts is a brand founded in 2014 by the architect Myrsini Maneta, specialized in applying her illustrations on paper cards, wall frames or even jewelery.
Hidden Cities is a series of lightened frames illustrating several cities of Greece or elsewhere, under the architectural perspective of their designer. Based on the idea of the vanishing Greek folk art of “Karagiozis” (shadow theater), the theme changes when lights turn on and off, revealing new – invisible until then – elements. Such as an outdoors cinema on a terrace in Athens, the water reflections in an Amsterdam canal, the interior of an art museum in New York etc.