CAVA series, a product designed by the architect Mariza Tsiligkiridi, is a building in small scale with columns made of metal and slabs made of metal or wood. Industrial materials used in electromechanical installations come up in an unconventional way taking up the lead role and creating furniture of top quality and aesthetics. 

CAVA series is a product inspired for small as well for larger spaces, as it can be divided or expanded accordingly through numerous combinations. 

The use of CAVA is not restricted in the display and storage of bottles since it can also function as: side tablebarmini-bar or tasting table.

The scope of MA√ creative studio involves architecture, product design and the realization of these. It has been operating in Athens since 2009.

Particularly fond of small space architecture and drawing solutions upon implementation, Mariza decided to enter the field of industrial design and manufacture of everyday furniture, lightning fixtures and objects, thus establishing MA√ design products.

In every construction, each part has a predetermined use. MA√ products prove the exact opposite. Materials that live in obscurity take a different role; furniture about to go to waste is dismantled or used unaltered in imaginative and peculiar compositions.

Her source of inspiration involves streets, old-stuff shops, warehouses, industries, construction sites, travels and music. She likes to create functional spaces and practical furniture by combining traditional and industrial design in an innovative way. She also believes that the architecture of both spaces and objects is a living organism that should be in the position to transform easily according to the users’ needs.