I'm not a decorator, but always loved to decorate my home and my friends’ homes. I believe that each house can tell many different stories.
Last year, while flying back to Greece from Amsterdam, I had the idea to share one (or more) of those stories every home can tell.
And so “arakse” came into light!
“arakse”…means “chill out!”, “cool!”, “relax!”.  
It is a word of Greek origin like the decorative pillows you will find here! 
Inspired by the illustrations of Ancient Greek vases and amphorae, “arakse” pillows will try to unfold Ancient Greek Myths and also share stories about everyday life and fashion in Ancient Greek times, using contemporary shapes and unexpected color combinations! 
This is the first burst of my collection entitled #my_greek_myth
arakse...take a look around and find your own storytelling pillow!